ParaView GUI plugins#


This feature is still experimental.

With the GUI plugins you can explore waveform data in the ParaView application:

  1. We need to make ParaView aware of our Python environment and the plugins in this repository. This is easiest done from the command line. Before launching the ParaView GUI, make sure the Python environment is activated as described in Installation. Then launch ParaView like this:

    PV_PLUGIN_PATH=path/to/paraview_plugins path/to/paraview

    You will now find the plugins provided by this repository in the ParaView GUI when you select ‘Tools’ > ‘Manage Plugins’.

  2. Open a waveform data file in ParaView and select the Waveform Data Reader to load it. Waveform data files in SpEC’s output format are currently supported.

  3. Add the Waveform To Volume filter to the loaded data.

  4. Change the representation to Volume and adjust the following properties:

    • Volume Rendering Mode (try GPU Based and enable Shade)

    • Scalar Opacity Unit Distance (try a quarter of the domain size)

    • Transfer function (select Edit color map)